Kyriba offers centralization, visibility, and control of global payments - for any payment type, for any bank, for any geography.

Payment workflows should be standardized globally to minimize risk of fraud and cyberhacking. Don’t become the story others read about and learn from.

Kyriba is a SWIFT Certified Application providing a global connectivity service bureau offering global, multi-bank payment solutions supporting supplier and treasury payments.

Kyriba offers payments for:

1) Treasury Management - wires and ACH, cash concentration, drafts, direct-debit

2) ERP - supplier payments, payment factory and shared services (POBO/payments on behalf of)


Treasury payments

Treasury is often responsible for urgent wires, transaction settlements, and managing cash concentration. Whatever your payment responsibilities, Kyriba can provide more security and better control by connecting directly to the bank, instead of the inefficiency and risk of fraud by using spreadsheets and bank portals.

Kyriba supports custom payment workflows for initiation, approval, document storage, transmission, and acknowledgement of payments.

Payments can be initiated as one-time entries, via templates, or imported from internal systems. All payments are approved, including the application of digital signatures for both internal
approvals and external authentication.

Payments are fully integrated with other modules (e.g. debt, investment, FX, netting) as well as the cash forecast and accounting center.

Supplier (ERP) payments

Kyriba offers complete ERP-to-bank connectivity, including format transformation, approval workflows, and automated connectivity for transmission and acknowledgements.

Key features include:

  1. Blind routing - payment files are pre-approved and pre-formatted from the ERP. Kyriba sends files directly via the appropriate bank channel
  2. Intelligent routing - Kyriba formats the file to route to the appropriate bank, determines the best connectivity channel to meet each bank’s format requirements, offers additional approvals, and can apply digital signatures such as SWIFT 3SKey
  3. Format Transformation - every bank requires unique formats by type of payment and destination country and these formats different from bank to bank. Kyriba maintains an expansive inventory of formats to automatically encode the necessary formats for each payment scenario, per bank and geography
  4. Connectivity - Kyriba supports multiple connectivity channels including SWIFTNet, Host-to-Host, and regional protocols such as EBICS, Editran, and Zengin. We will find you the best choice(s) to maximize automation and minimize costs

Payments modules

  • Payments
  • Payment Factory
  • Direct Debit
  • SEPA Mandates
  • Draft Payables/Receivables
  • Digital Signatures